Get Fit While You Sit

The Ergo Chair promotes "active sitting" giving your body the flexibility it needs to sit comfortably all day because there are constant small adjustments in your back, hips, knees and ankles to keep you balanced on the egg ball.

These small adjustments help circulation to the disks in your spine and will strengthen your back muscles. Also, gentle bouncing on the egg ball will encourage you to sit in the correct posture and will strengthen your postural muscles, and all you have to do is SIT! In other words Get Fit While You Sit!

Most back problems are simply due to tension and muscular tightness, which come from poor posture, being overweight, inactivity and lack of abdominal strength. There are a lot of ways back pain can occur and even more ways to treat it, but how often do you hear about ways to prevent it?

Most experts agree that inactivity combined with prolonged sitting can lead to back pain. So it makes sense that gentle exercise would be a great preventive measure in back care.

The egg ball responds individually to the weight and body movement of each user.

Tension is released throughout the shoulders and back. This is an ideal chair for people whose work involves long periods of sitting as well as for those who have injured their backs. The Ergo Chair make you sit actively: work your muscles, move your spine, develop good posture, and improve your balance while sitting. It's an "active seating solution".

An Award Winning Product

An award-winning product at the world’s most prestigious International Invention Conference. The ErgoChair won Best New Invention in the furniture category, out of 1,000 entries from 42 countries. The ErgoChair is patented in the U.S. and Europe.

Lifetime Warranty

We are THE ONLY Ergonomic Chair manufacturer in the US that provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts of the ErgoChair*.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be completely delighted with your new ErgoChair purchase. If the ErgoChair fails to meet your highest expectations, please return it for a full refund.

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