AWESOME chair! I was spending too much time 'hunched over' my keyboard which led to lower back pain. Ordered 'The ERGO Chair' and back pain is a distant memory.

Stephen Mraz
Production / Maintenance Coordinator G-CCP/N

I have to tell you that I was quite impressed!

As you know from when we spoke, just this past month I had a major neck surgery, and have been housebound for the past four weeks. Since I am unable to drive or be in a car, I have spent much of my time at my home office desk. Quite frankly, it is my opinion that your Ergo chair has allowed me to comfortably do so, even while my cervical spine was healing. The chair seems to entirely take the strain off my back and neck; something I suspect is due to it’s automatically letting the spine return to it’s natural, anatomical position, unlike most conventional desk chairs. My hunch is that this is the reason why the Ergo chair may prevent neck, shoulder and back pains, just by sitting in it.

It would be my recommendation that anyone who has a back or neck condition would find this product to be likely to improve their overall condition, and that they should get one without delay. Also, I am quite impressed with the Ergo ball seat, and it’s dual use. Many patients will find this physical therapy aide to be invaluable, and an easy way to accomplish the excellent exercises that are laid out on your Website and other materials.

Lastly, I must confess that when you told me I could put it together in about 15 minutes, I really didn’t believe it. However, even I, somewhat mechanically challenged as I am, was able to do so.

Once again, I thank you for the chair. I know you will have success with it, as ergonomically it makes sense, something that in today’s work and home environment is invaluable.


Mitchell S. Nudelman, MD, JD, FCLM
Chief Medical Officer

I sit at an architect's table pouring over house plans all day.  For 10 years I sat in your typical tall "ergo friendly" chair.  My lower back and hips hurt so much every day.  I bought The Ergo Chair last May.  Not only has my core tightened up and I am wearing clothes that are 4 and 5 sizes smaller, I feel terrific.  It is almost impossible to sit on this chair with bad posture.  I also find that a couple of times each hour I find myself exercising my lower back and hips because the chair encourages movement.  I firmly believe that sitting in that stiff back chair for 8 to 12 hours a day is what caused the weight gain and the pain.  Now, I have no back pain!  It is gone! So is the fat!  I will never spend another long work day in a regular chair.  I am so very thankful to have found The Ergo Chair.  The quality of my life has definitely improved.

Thank you,
Gina Lawhon

Sitting on my Ergo Chair often makes me feel like Horton in the Dr Seuss story, "Horton Hatches the Egg!"

But despite its unusual appearance, this is the best chair I have ever owned. After years of suffering with chronic neck and back pain caused by sitting in various office chairs designed for tall men, not short women, I discovered the Ergo Chair. Finally, I have a chair that enables me to adjust the height to my height, and to sit with my body properly aligned instead of slouched and uncomfortable. Now my time is spent working, not going to the chiropractor to straighten out the damage done to my neck and back by poorly designed chairs. The pain that had been almost constant for years is gone, and I can sit for hours without any discomfort. I am comfortable and productive, and will never again use a conventional task chair.


Joan Hakimi, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

P.S. I have also come to love the look of the chair, as it is sleek and modern land takes up much less space than previous chairs did, making my office appear less cluttered.

After just 2 weeks of using this chair I can already feel a huge difference. I was expecting it would take some time to get used to it, but I was wrong. It has been so comfortable since the very first time I sat on it. I am on the computer alot and used to get severe backache but not anymore. I > sit up straighter and can actually feel the benefits. I have tried other ergomonic chairs, but they didn't feel anything like this. And it's also a great conversation piece! Thanks for such a great product.


Diane Edwards

I am a physical therapist, working out of Chicago and I have been using your ergonomic chair for almost 3 months. It was recommended to me by a friend who is a physical trainer and he thought it would be good for me to try it. I did and I love it. My work is physical but I do sit sometimes in front of the computer and when I do it is nice to know that I am forced to sit up straight and keep my posture correct. This is key in the healthy balance of the back and I am a great believer in the physioball. It’s a wonderful invention.

I wish you luck and success with your wonderful product.

Best wishes,

Aliza Peters
Physical Therapist
Chicago, Illinois

To whom it may concern:

Just a quick line to let you know how much I love my Ergo Chair. I love to bounce on it. It makes me exercise and move around which is great for me. I don’t have much time to go to the gym. I have been using it for almost 4 months and I have already purchased 3 chairs from you. Everyone in my family has their own chair. Also, I have recommended it to many friends and family so the word is getting around! It may look different as heck but it does the trick.

Great Product.

Mary Ford
San Diego, Ca

To Whom It May Concern,

Sitting can be hazardous to our health. More and more time is spent sitting in front of computers than ever before. Even kids are spending hours in front of computers. As a health care provider, I see the results of this type of sitting every day in my clinical practice: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arm and hand pain, numbness in the fingers and forearms, hemorrhoids, weak abdominal muscles, eye strain. The list goes on and the afflictions are effecting an ever younger segment of the population.

Clearly, people are only going to be spending more and more time sitting and working on computers. Thinking otherwise is simply naïve. There is a huge problem that is only growing worse.

An important approach to reducing these ‘afflictions of sitting’ is to develop better ideas about sitting itself.

This is the reason I am so interested in the ’Ergo Chair’. The ‘Ergo Chair’ represents a new approach to sitting. Sitting in the ‘Ergo Chair’ can actually enhance ones health. The dynamics of sitting in the ‘Ergo Chair’ facilitates spinal health and the circulation of cerebral-spinal fluid. Pressure is reduced on the spinal discs. Eyestrain is minimized due to the active nature of sitting on the chair. The Ergo Chair helps condition and strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

The Ergo Chair is an important new concept for sustained sitting.

Thank you for asking.


Dr. Richard Gold
Licensed Acupuncturist
Chairman, IPSB Inc.

I love the ErgoChair! It has been a big difference in how I feel and I have gotten quite a few comments from folks who have visited my office.

No pun intended, but I actually feel it has put the bounce back in my step at work!

Also I like that I get exercise just by moving all around, up and down on it, to reach books, phones etc.

Thanks so much

Tina, VA

After trying a number of different "ergonomic" chairs in my office, I switched to your ErgoChair around three months ago. It took a few days to get used to, but I have used it exclusively ever since.

Since I switched, my periodic bouts with lower back and shoulder pain have gone away. The chair seems to force you into using correct posture. It's also a great conversation piece and gets a lot of attention from visitors to my office. A few of my fellow employees are now using your chairs.

I am thrilled to have finally found a true "ergonomic" chair. Thanks.

Marty Youngman
Senior Product Manager Cox Communications

Thank you for sending the Ergo desk chair for my evaluation. This chair performance exceeded my expectations.

As a software developer my job requires me to sit many hours each day in front of a computer. Since I had lower back surgery several years ago, I have been using a very expensive Ergonomic chair attempting to reduce the discomfort associated with long periods of sitting, with no great success. Since using the Ergo chair for the last few months I experienced a dramatic increase of the number of hours I can sit and work without developing backache and discomfort.

I would strongly recommend this wonderful invention to anybody that has to sit at his or her workplace for long hours. With the Ergo egg shaped ball as a seat your day sitting becomes more comfortable and is like exercising your back and abdomen without even knowing it.

I would like to thank you again for brining the Ergo chair to my attention. It’s effective design, quick and simple setup and the comfortable sitting experience are all a real pleasure.

I am sure that the chair will be very helpful to many people who like myself have professions that require sitting for many hours in front of a computer.

Thanks again,

Shai Mittelman
President, Isnet, Inc.

I've been using Ergo Chairs for 6 or so years now and briefly tried another chair when I started working here, and simply didn't get the same results.  I have one chair at home (not getting too much use these days) and one in my office at work (getting too much use). My back survives the desk job much better while sitting on the Ergo Chair.  At this point, I can't imagine how I'd survive without it. 

Anne Murrock

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