Sitting Exercises

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ImageSitting on the chair, lift one leg straight in front of you and point and flex your toes.  Repeat several times with each leg.

Lift your leg as high as possible and lower it slowly. Repeat several times with each leg.

Lift your leg and make circles in the air with your foot. Repeat several times with each leg.


Sitting, stretch your arms a little backwards and upwards as far as possible.

Bring your arms down to your sides with palms facing up while exhaling.

Bring your arms up, inhale and then bring your arms down to the sides again while exhaling


Sitting, place your left hand on the right armrest and inhale.  Lift and stretch your right hand out in back of you holding your neck and head straight.  Exhale and relax.  Repeat the same exercise with your right hand on the armrest.

Repeat the same exercise this time with your hand in front of you.


Exercise With Additional Exercise Ball


Sitting, hold the balloon above your head.  Press the balloon between your hands and then relax.  Repeat this a number of times.

Press the balloon between your hands, inhale, and lift the balloon up between your hands moving from side to side.  Repeat this exercise several times.

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